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As I sit here typing out one of my final assignments as a college student, I’ve been reflecting on the recent efforts I’ve made for my future. I am majoring in corporate communication and minoring in public relations and with some great internship experience from this past semester, I have been applying to full-time positions in similar fields across the country in hopes that I can start my career on a good note in a good place.

Five years ago I would have never been able to imagine my life the way it currently is. While it can be scary…

During the 2012 Presidential debate, a KitchenAid employee made one of the worst possible mistakes in terms of social media management — a nightmare for most companies in 2021. While a former employee was sitting at home watching the debate, they erroneously posted the following offensive Tweet from the official KitchenAid account:

A KitchenAid employee accidentally tweets from company account and sends a following post to apologize for the error.

KitchenAid was quick to respond with a personal apology to Barack Obama and announced swiftly that the employee will not be tweeting for the company anymore. I think KitchenAid made the right decision to immediately let the employee go for this crucial mistake. …

Living in 2021 means constant adaptation and change. When navigating life and business throughout a global pandemic, it can be difficult at first to find solutions to these newfound challenges. One of the most recent trends we have seen due to this strange time in our lives is the expansion of online technology and tools, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, for hosting virtual events.

This topic is particularly interesting due to the relevance of virtual events, such as webinars, school and press conferences. As a student living through these changes, I have seen the positive (and negative) impacts of…

Haley Biggins

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