Photo from @ baim on Unsplash

As I sit here typing out one of my final assignments as a college student, I’ve been reflecting on the recent efforts I’ve made for my future. I am majoring in corporate communication and minoring in public relations and with some great internship experience from this past semester, I have been applying to full-time positions in similar fields across the country in hopes that I can start my career on a good note in a good place.

Five years ago I would have never been able to imagine my life the way it currently is. While it can be scary thinking about the unknown, I am now prepared for the next steps in my life past college. I was once at a point where I felt that college would never end, but it is becoming more exciting each day (with only eleven days now until graduation!) that I’m about to enter the workforce as a college graduate! I feel very accomplished and proud of myself and cannot wait to see my hard work over the past four years pay off.

Over the next five to ten years, my main goal is to find a job that makes me happy in a place that I enjoy (preferably somewhere warm). I want to spend some time traveling after graduation to appreciate other parts of the country and the world. 15–20 years from now I hope I have a solid career while still enjoying a life of travel and fun. I would enjoy working with social media and other communication work, hopefully for a nonprofit organization, as I admire the dedication and hope these organizations can bring to the community.

While there are so many uncertainties that lie ahead, my main hope is that I remain happy and live out my passions and values within the work that I do and beyond. I want to live a happy life with a good balance between personal life, social life and work life. If I am doing something that makes me happy, I will consider that a success.