The (Virtual) Reality of Today

Living in 2021 means constant adaptation and change. When navigating life and business throughout a global pandemic, it can be difficult at first to find solutions to these newfound challenges. One of the most recent trends we have seen due to this strange time in our lives is the expansion of online technology and tools, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, for hosting virtual events.

This topic is particularly interesting due to the relevance of virtual events, such as webinars, school and press conferences. As a student living through these changes, I have seen the positive (and negative) impacts of new technological advances within all types of environments and workplaces. While Zoom and Teams are only two of the many technological tools available for hosting online forums, they have certainly taken the lead to become some of the most popular. Here you can compare features between the two.

Organizations can benefit from hosting online events for many reasons. Some of the most obvious advantages are the convenience and higher engagement. Let’s be honest: hosting an event in person can be a huge drain on cash, time and effort for an organization. Virtual events are also good for engagement. This concept goes along with the convenience factor; a larger audience is more likely to attend online due to the lower effort, time and financial commitments. Agility PR gives some examples of successful virtual events that took place in 2020 here.

Personally, I think virtual events are something every organization should understand and utilize when necessary. It is no surprise that technology plays such a relevant role in our fast-pace society. This is why getting behind the trends sooner rather than later will be beneficial for an organization’s overall growth, specifically within the field of technology.